Coronavirus symptoms: Matt Hancock shares unusual COVID-19 sign – weight loss |

Coronavirus usually presents itself with a fever – feeling hot to touch on the chest or back – or a new, continuous cough. But, Health Secretary Matt Hancock had a strange side effect from the virus. What was it? Returning to work in the flesh, Health Secretary Matt Hancock stood at the Downing Street press briefing on the evening of Thursday April 2. There, he spoke about the government’s five-pillar strategy to tackle the pandemic. But it was on BBC Breakfast, the following morning, when Matt Hancock revealed what it was like to have had the virus himself.

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He reassured the public: “I do feel completely better now, thankfully.”

But he described his time with COVID-19 as “a pretty unpleasant experience”.

Falling ill on Thursday March 26, he admitted: “For a couple of nights it was very hard to sleep.”

Having had a sore throat, he added: “It was like having glass in my throat.

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Matt Hancock coronavirus symptoms

Matt Hancock coronavirus: What symptoms has the health secretary experienced? (Image: GETTY)”I couldn’t eat or drink anything for a couple of days, and I had a bit of a cough, but not really a big cough.”

But he revealed the most bizarre side effect of COVID-19 was that he “lost half a stone” – that’s seven pounds.

The NHS recommends people who willingly want to lose weight to lose no more than two pounds in a week.

Hancock’s contact with the virus has led him to lose more than three times the recommended healthy allowance.DON’T MISSCoronavirus named: What does COVID-19 stand for? Coronavirus name meaning [INSIGHT]Coronavirus symptoms: What is the incubation period of COVID-19 [EXPERT ADVICE]Coronavirus symptoms: Five signs you may have already had the COVID-19 infection [EXCLUSIVE]

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Such a side effect can be disastrous for those who are struggling to recover from the illness.

Whilst fighting the infection, Hancock disclosed that he found it “really worrying”.

“We can all see just how serious this illness is,” he explained.

Thinking of others, he began: “For some people, the people who often get into the worst of health – and those who lose their lives – it’s often because the lungs overreact to the virus.

Matt Hancock coronavirus symptoms

Matt Hancock coronavirus: The politician’s symptoms have apparently been”mild” (Image: GETTY)


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“There’s an immune response, and  you just don’t know if that’s going to happen, so I found it really worrying.”

Thanking his lucky stars, Hancock’s experience with the virus was “short-lived”.

The Health Secretary attests that he is now in “full health” – although seven pounds lighter.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recognised various symptoms of a coronavirus infection.


Matt Hancock coronavirus symptoms

Matt Hancock coronavirus: The health secretary also revealed he’d lost half a stone (Image: GETTY)

The WHO states fever, tiredness and dry cough are the most common symptoms experienced by the public.

Other symptoms include aches and pains, diarrhoea, nausea or a runny nose.

Additionally, some people may experience a sore throat – much like Hancock – and shortness of breath.

Shortness of breath isn’t to be ignored, do check out any symptoms using the  NHS 111 online service for medical guidance.